Picking a battery for your Airsoft Gun may appear to be confounding due to the numerous choices accessible, yet it’s imperative to remember several things when settling on an official conclusion. A battery is required for your Airsoft Gun on the off chance that it is electric controlled (AEG), gas and spring firearms are absolved and you don’t have to stress over getting a battery or charger. The kind of battery you pick will be vigorously impacted by the model/style of the weapon you have. With regards to picking a battery, one of the most significant things to remember is space. Whether your rifle is back wired to the stock or wired to the front will decide the general space you need to fit a battery in your AEG.

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Fast Reference Guide:

In the event that you are new to airsoft pistols Canada and have quite recently acquired an AEG that did not accompany a battery, there is a fundamental method to pick a battery without getting too specialized about execution and coordination. Generally, each model of AEG has a battery type most regular for that style.

For M4/M16 variations, a standard Brick or Nunchuck style battery will work and the size will rely upon if the battery is housed in the front handguard or back stock. Block style batteries are generally housed in the front handguard, and Nunchuck batteries are normally housed in the fixed stock, yet this isn’t the situation for each and every rifle available.

For AK47 variations, a Stick Battery is most basic because of the reality the greater part of these style rifles are wired to the front handguard or under the top collector; yet on the off chance that your AK47 variation rifle has a strong stock and is back wired you can utilize a Brick or Nunchuck style battery.

Famas and SCAR style rifles are generally back wired and can house either a Brick or Nunchuck style battery, yet the size will be controlled by the measure of the room each rifle has.

UMP style rifles and different SMGs are more often than not front wired, and utilize a Brick style battery because of the restricted space around the barrel get together.

Electric airsoft pistols Canada use it is possible that one time utilize Alkaline batteries or explicit battery-powered batteries that are incorporated with the gun.

Cautioning: The maximum voltage for most AEGs is 9.6v except if generally determined by the producer. Utilizing a battery that surpasses the most extreme voltage for your AEG can harm the weapon and will void the producer’s guarantee.

Cautioning: Lipo Batteries must utilize LiPO Chargers ONLY. Utilizing an inappropriate sort of charger with a LiPO battery can cause battery disappointment and a huge flame risk. Try not to store LiPO batteries in your airsoft firearm case, consistently store them securely away from every single combustible material.

Battery Shape:

Some AEGs just have space for one explicit state of battery so it is imperative to realize which shape battery your firearm needs. Diverse battery shape choices, for example, Brick, Nunchuck, and Stick come in different sizes and voltages making some more appropriate for your rifle than others.

At the point when the individual battery cells are orchestrated in two sections, at times with one cell at the base of the pack contingent upon cell tally, this is regularly called a Brick style battery. Block style batteries that are higher than 1600 mAh are generally a bigger size and can just fit in AEGs with an enormous buttstock battery compartment. High limit Brick style batteries here and there have a Large Tamiya connector rather than the standard smaller than usual Tamiya. All things considered, you may require a connector to interface the battery to your charger.

At the point when the battery accompanies the phones in two separate section packs associated by a wire, it is known as a Nunchuck style battery. These batteries are most generally utilized in front wired AEGs where the battery is kept in the handguard on either side of the barrel. Nunchuck batteries can likewise fit in many butts/supplies of bigger AEGs.

At the point when the phones of the battery are in a solitary ceaseless section, this is known as a Stick style battery. Stick batteries are most normally utilized in AK47 variations that may have a collapsing stock which can’t house a battery. These batteries are generally housed in the handguard or under the top recipient of AK47 rifle variations. On the off chance that your AEG has exceptionally constrained space for the battery, you might be required to buy a battery built with littler cells. A Small battery will have the right voltage for your firearm yet will have a restricted measure of accessible power.

Battery Power:

It is a typical confusion that the physical size of your battery influences the measure of intensity your Airsoft Gun has, yet the power level changes incredibly among batteries and it is increasingly critical to take a gander at the Milliamp Hours (MaH) and Voltage to precisely check the power you wish to accomplish.

The MaH level on the battery demonstrates how much “fuel” the battery has when completely energized, and gives you a precise portrayal of the run time on a completely energized battery. Since your AEG utilizes power at a steady rate, the higher the MaH level, the more you can work your AEG between charge cycles. In any case, a higher MaH level methods a greater expense and a bigger generally speaking battery which is imperative to remember because of your AEGs size limitations. The MaH levels inside the battery can run from 600 MaH to an exceptionally high 3000 MaH, to give you a thought of the choices accessible.

Requirements of a CIC Medical Exam

Planning to head to Canada because of better job opportunities, improved living condition, and better education? Although it’s totally your personal decision, you might know that immigrating to a foreign country isn’t that easy. One needs to go through a lot of immigration paperwork and legal battle, in order to obtain the immigration visa.

Many people think that if they do the paperwork properly, they will be able to immigrate to Canada. However, they would need to go through a lot of CIC medical examinations. The result of the medical examination will determine the medical admissibility of the immigrant or their dependent family members.

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Medical Examination: A Necessity

What many people or immigrant might not know is that even if their immigration paperwork is correct they might be denied a visa if medical tests are not done. Hence, before submitting the application, the assigned tests need to be done.

As per law, one should complete the medical tests within 30 days of receiving instruction from the visa office. If the tests are not done within that time-frame the visa application might get rejected.

Need A Medical Test or Not

The visa office usually notifies the immigrant if they need to go through a CIC medical exam or not. For instance, there is no need of any medical examination if the immigrant plans to stay in Canada for six months.

Medical Examination Requirements

A medical examination includes a medical history, chest x-ray, physical examination, and blood tests for syphilis. Usually, the physical examination includes examination of the eye, throat, nose, and others. There are different CIC medical requirements for immigration and temporary visas.

Need of Medical Exam for Temporary Residents

  • If the immigrant have lived in one or more countries for more than six months then medical exam would be needed.
  • Applying for a Parent or a Grandparent Super Visa.Panel_physician_northyork
  • Coming to Canada for working in the public health sector.


Before going for a CIC medical exam, one needs to know that their personal doctor can’t perform the medical examination. The immigrants would need to choose a physician from the list of assigned panel physicians.

The panel physician will perform the examinations and might advice the applicant for tests. Once the test gets completed, the physician will send the result to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). CIC would decide if the individual should be allowed to migrate to Canada or not.

Things to Bring

When going for a medical examination, one would need to carry with them some important things. They are:

  • A proper identification document like passport of the individual. The document should include the photo and signature of the individual.
  • Contact lenses or eye glasses if one wears it.
  • Medical reports of any medical conditions
  • Medical report form.
  • One would need to carry four copies of their photograph in case the doctor doesn’t work with CIC.

Talking to a panel physician is important before going for a CIC medical exam. The physician can instruct applicants about the requirements and validity of the examination

Understanding the Fundamentals behind Addiction & Recovery

For an addict, achieving sobriety is a challenging task. Studies have shown that even after trying to stay clean and sober, addicts have a tendency to relapse. The reason to relapse is often pointed to the fact that their treatment procedure was not conducted by a professional. Other reason which addiction rehab center points out that the addict might have used the cold turkey method for quitting their addiction. The cold turkey method is not effective as it doesn’t train addicts to learn ways which would help them to resist their temptation.

Long Term Sobriety

Attaining sobriety and maintain it can be a great reward for an addict. The families of an addict want their loved one to get cured completely. However, it is not easy to achieve unless the addict is ready to go for the addiction recovery program. It has been seen when addicts self-realize the dangerous effects of addiction, they can be enrolled for an addiction treatment program.


Diagnosis at the Right Time

Medical professionals who are associated with addiction treatment plan prefer not to use the term addiction for addicts. Instead, they believe that it would be better to use “substance dependence” for the addicts.

Addiction rehab center feel that it is important for an addict to get treated at the right time. Through awareness program it asks people to look out for the signs of addiction. For instance, if a person finds it difficult to stick to their responsibility, faces legal problems such as DUI, facing financial constraint, and many more things. These are clear signs of addiction. At the same time, if the behavior of the person is repetitive, it can be a sign of substance abuse.

Substance Dependenceaddiction rehab centre

It happens when an addict uses the substance everyday and for more than one year. An addict when gets dependant on a substance, if tries to stop its use then may face severe withdrawal symptom. Also, due to repeated use can develops a high tolerance level.

Addiction rehab center points out that a person highly dependent on the substance would spend more time in getting hold of the substance. In fact, they don’t give precedence to their work or other important job.

Affects Brain Deeply

Addiction to alcohol or drugs can cause a huge change to the brain. Mostly, the dopamine transmitters get damaged. As a result, the addicted person gets highly depressed when they don’t get the substance. Short term memory also gets damaged. The only way to recover is going for addiction treatment.


 Addiction rehab center points out that dependence on drug and alcohol should be addressed at the right time. Professional doctors of addiction treatment centre can design treatment plan as per the need of the addict. Along with detox, cognitive therapy needs to be provided to the addict. The addicts on attending group meetings of recovered addicts can be inspired to quit their addiction and lead a sober life. The addiction rehab center through counseling can change the mindset of the addicts.


With support from families and friends, an addict can easily take their first step towards recovery.