Requirements of a CIC Medical Exam

Planning to head to Canada because of better job opportunities, improved living condition, and better education? Although it’s totally your personal decision, you might know that immigrating to a foreign country isn’t that easy. One needs to go through a lot of immigration paperwork and legal battle, in order to obtain the immigration visa.

Many people think that if they do the paperwork properly, they will be able to immigrate to Canada. However, they would need to go through a lot of CIC medical examinations. The result of the medical examination will determine the medical admissibility of the immigrant or their dependent family members.

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Medical Examination: A Necessity

What many people or immigrant might not know is that even if their immigration paperwork is correct they might be denied a visa if medical tests are not done. Hence, before submitting the application, the assigned tests need to be done.

As per law, one should complete the medical tests within 30 days of receiving instruction from the visa office. If the tests are not done within that time-frame the visa application might get rejected.

Need A Medical Test or Not

The visa office usually notifies the immigrant if they need to go through a CIC medical exam or not. For instance, there is no need of any medical examination if the immigrant plans to stay in Canada for six months.

Medical Examination Requirements

A medical examination includes a medical history, chest x-ray, physical examination, and blood tests for syphilis. Usually, the physical examination includes examination of the eye, throat, nose, and others. There are different CIC medical requirements for immigration and temporary visas.

Need of Medical Exam for Temporary Residents

  • If the immigrant have lived in one or more countries for more than six months then medical exam would be needed.
  • Applying for a Parent or a Grandparent Super Visa.Panel_physician_northyork
  • Coming to Canada for working in the public health sector.


Before going for a CIC medical exam, one needs to know that their personal doctor can’t perform the medical examination. The immigrants would need to choose a physician from the list of assigned panel physicians.

The panel physician will perform the examinations and might advice the applicant for tests. Once the test gets completed, the physician will send the result to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). CIC would decide if the individual should be allowed to migrate to Canada or not.

Things to Bring

When going for a medical examination, one would need to carry with them some important things. They are:

  • A proper identification document like passport of the individual. The document should include the photo and signature of the individual.
  • Contact lenses or eye glasses if one wears it.
  • Medical reports of any medical conditions
  • Medical report form.
  • One would need to carry four copies of their photograph in case the doctor doesn’t work with CIC.

Talking to a panel physician is important before going for a CIC medical exam. The physician can instruct applicants about the requirements and validity of the examination