Self-help group for caregivers

In order to create a self-help group for caregivers and to be able to talk to people who live the same things the Parkinson Society Quebec Region will be merged this fall with the group of caregivers of the Society Sclerosis Division. Quebec City . For several years now, the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada has offered family caregivers of people with multiple sclerosis the opportunity to be part of a self-help group.

This group meets once a month to discuss various topics related to the illness experienced by their loved one and their daily lives. Meetings are free and facilitated by a social worker, present to encourage exchange and respect among participants. Although the two diseases are different from one another, the reality experienced by loved ones of the people affected can be very similar. Themes such as grief, guilt, stress and letting go are recurrent and often discussed at caregiver meetings.